Sunflower Farm

Sunflowers grown
Visitors 2021
Bees fed
$ 100
per stem

Pick your own sunflowers

As you wander around the fields of towering sunflowers, it is impossible not to relax. Watch the bees hard at work or just lie on your back and watch the clouds drift by.

You can select and pick your own sunflowers but please bring your own secateurs or strong scissors. We also suggest a bucket or a bin bag to protect the flowers you cut on your homeward journey. You will need to wear footwear to keep your feet safe.


Unlike most other adventure tourist activities, our doesn’t require a disclaimer, or a wet suit, or a hard hat. Our adventure is getting out into the fresh air and enjoying nature.


All children must be supervised at all times, and you will be responsible for paying for any slower steams they break, either accidentally or deliberately. If you want to fly your drone that is okay, but please talk to staff before you do so as we need to make sure there are no mid air collisions between drones and our bees can fly safely.


Getting back to the bees, please be aware that the field is their worksite, and they do not like to be poked or chased, and if you have allergies, please bear these in mind.


For a special different day out please come and visit us, we are just an hour and a bit from Auckland and really close to Hamilton, See you out in the fields.

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