Sunflower Farm

Our Family, Our Farm

Our farm is a working farm, we raise 700 calves a year and grow maize.

We had an idea in 2021 to plant a field of sunflowers and let people wander around and pick their own flowers. We had no idea if it would work, and as it turns out, we had no idea how much others would love it. The summer of 21/22 was amazing, even despite the restrictions of the pandemic.


My reasons for settling this sunflower venture up is to honor/ remember my forever 18 year old sister who was killed in a car accident in 2001. Sunflowers are a big part of our family now. Last year I really enjoyed seeing so many families brought together after covid kept families and friends apart for so long. It lifted people’s spirits and put a bit of happiness into their day. Some shared what the flowers meant to them. 

This year we have planted more flowers so that we can have fields available as much as possible. Sometimes we have to shut the fields if we have had a busy day the day before or mother nature has blessed us with too much rain.

The sunflower fields are part of an active family farm, so please be aware of this and act accordingly. Keep speed down to 5kmh (whether you are walking, running or driving your vehicle) and watch out for others who may be distracted by sunflowers or bees.


You can bring your dog, but it has to remain on its lead and don’t forget your camera. You don’t have to keep your children on leads, but you do have to supervise them at all times.